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    A range of flexible meeting spaces in which to host your event

    St Catherine’s has a wide range of meeting facilities, offering flexibility for various different types of event.

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      A range of flexible meeting spaces in which to host your event

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              Grand Opening Of The Riverside Lecture Theatre

              A Symphony of History and Innovation

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              Unveiling Elegance by the Water: The Riverside Lecture Theatre at St. Catherine's College

              We're excited to introduce the Riverside Lecture Theatre, a state-of-the-art venue that marries the serene beauty of our college's waterside location with the latest in architectural design and technology. This space is designed to inspire and facilitate a range of events, from academic conferences to cultural seminars, reflecting our dedication to excellence and innovation.


              Riverside Lecture Theatre

              Riverside Lecture Theatre: A New Oxford Landmark

              At the heart of St. Catherine’s College, amidst the historic charm of Oxford, a new landmark rises: the Riverside Lecture Theatre. This facility, designed with both grandeur and functionality in mind, is poised to become a beacon of intellectual and cultural exchange.

              St Catherines college Riverside Lecture Theatre_ A New Oxford Landmark
              St Catherines College Architectural Elegance

              Architectural Elegance

              The theatre’s design pays homage to Oxford’s architectural heritage while embracing modernity. Its sleek lines and glass facades offer stunning views of the surrounding waters, creating a backdrop that inspires and invigorates.

              Technological Sophistication

              Equipped with the latest in audio-visual technology, the Riverside Lecture Theatre ensures that every presentation, lecture, or performance is delivered with crystal-clear clarity. From high-definition projection to state-of-the-art sound systems, every detail has been curated to enhance the experience of speakers and audiences alike.

              St Catherines College Technological Sophistication
              St Catherines College Versatile Spaces

              Versatile Spaces

              Flexibility is at the core of the theatre's design. Whether hosting intimate seminars, expansive lectures, or dynamic cultural events, the space can be adapted to meet the unique needs of each occasion. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for academic professionals and event organisers seeking a venue that can do it all.

              A Commitment to Sustainability

              In keeping with St. Catherine’s College's dedication to environmental stewardship, the Riverside Lecture Theatre incorporates sustainable practices and materials. Its eco-friendly features underscore our commitment to a greener future without compromising on luxury or performance.

              St Catherines College A Commitment to Sustainability

              Join us as we open the doors to this remarkable new space, where every detail is crafted to spark dialogue, innovation, and discovery.


              For a deeper dive into what the Riverside Lecture Theatre offers, reserve your exceptional experience now.