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      A range of flexible meeting spaces in which to host your event

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              Top 10 Tourist Attractions Whilst Visiting St. Catherine’s College

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              If you’re thinking of utilising our state-of-the-art facilities for your next conference or business meeting, St. Catz boasts not only high-standard conference facilities, but also a city brimming with shops, cafes, museums, and attractions sure to compliment your visit.  

              For some inspiration, take a look at our carefully curated list of must-visit locations… 

              Our Top 10 Oxford Hotspots:


              The Covered Market 

              A fifteen-minute walk away from our campus lies the renowned Covered Market, home to over 50 independently run cafes, restaurants and shops. Moreover, they have a variety of events going on throughout the year, so it’s worth checking them out online before your visit to see what’s on! Here, you’ll be able to experience some of the unique local businesses that Oxford has to offer, and perhaps find your new favourite spot for coffee! Click here for a list of everything there is to see within the Covered Market: samuel-isaacs-VDmC40sZ_hs-unsplash

              Oxford Botanic Garden

              On Rose Lane, a ten-minute walk away from our campus, the Oxford Botanic Garden is a gemstone of our city. Renowned as the oldest botanic garden in the UK, Oxford Botanic Garden boasts a variety of over 5,000 plant species, some of which now exist nowhere else. If you fancy a short stroll before or after your visit, then Oxford Botanic Garden is most certainly the most scenic option. For more information, check out their website here:

              St. Mary’s Church

              For a flavour of Oxford’s cultural spots, St. Mary’s Church is a historical landmark of Oxford. The centre of numerous services and recitals, the church remains an intriguing piece of history here in the present. However, to really take in some of the iconic architecture that Oxford has on display, why not to take a trip up the church tower for a better view? The view from atop the tower will allow you to take in the full beauty of our city, so much so that you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world (but in reality, you’ll just be on top of Oxford.) Follow this link for more information:


              Oxford High Street

              Retail Therapy is a perfect complement to a visit at St. Catherine’s. Oxford High Street is home to a multitude of high-end retailers, cafes and restaurants, as is the nearby Queen Street, Cornmarket Street and Westgate Shopping Centre. All, once again, within easy walking distance of St. Catherine’s. Click here to find a directory to all the various unique spots for all your leisurely needs:

              The Oxford Playhouse

              To really sink your teeth into the cultural side of our city, then why not time your visit with a trip to the theatre? Opened in 1938, the Oxford Playhouse stands as a remarkable building in the history of the arts, acting as a springboard for the careers of many of the UK’s finest talent such as Sir Ian McKellen, Dame Maggie Smith and playwright Alan Bennett. A visit to St. Catherine’s can be nicely timed with a matinee production, so feel free to check out what’s on for a spot of light entertainment after your visit:


              The Vaults and Garden Café

              For the past 15 years, this independently-run café has prided itself on working in partnership with suppliers and farmers local to Oxfordshire. For Oxford’s finest Breakfast and Lunch menu, including the all-time favourite Cream Tea, which is bound to keep in your memory long after your visit to Oxford. Have a browse of their delectable menus here: 

              The Ashmolean Museum

              Founded in 1683, Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum proves itself to be a historic hub of art and archaeology. With free admission and various visiting exhibits, the Ashmolean Museum will provide an exciting trip through history, where mummies, paintings by turner and the lantern belonging to Guy Fawkes will only scrape the surface of the multitude of artefacts they have to offer. See what’s currently in the Ashmolean Museum. 


              The History of Science Museum

              For those with a stronger interest in STEM subjects, we hear you! The History of Science Museum is known as the world’s longest surviving public museum, based within the Ashmolean museum as listed above! Find out more here.

              The Radcliffe Camera

              A main feature of Oxford’s iconic architecture scene, and a perfect picturesque setting for your phone’s camera roll, the Radcliffe Camera is a privately-owned library from the University of Oxford that the public are welcome to admire. Opened in 1749 and standing at 140ft tall, this local landmark is another standout sight to add on your journey to St. Catherine’s. Read more here.


              The Turf Tavern

              For an authentic ‘old-Oxford’ style dining experience, consider finishing your day with a hearty meal and a pint (of coke if you’re under the age)! In this extraordinarily well-maintained gastro-pub, you’re sure to be transported back into 12th century Oxford in what will be a delightful finish to your visit. To book a table or browse the menu


              And there you have it! An inspiring list of sights and activities to keep you occupied during your visit to St. Catz and Oxford. We thoroughly look forward to welcoming you, and we’d love to hear what you’ve got planned during your trip! 

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